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It wasn't be until the 19th and 20th centuries that suffrage the right to vote began to expand to include virtually everyone. More thanpeople have been displaced since the fighting began in June, and the Congolese army reportedly arrested scores of local youth suspected of having links with the coalition.

Syrian Civil War

The democrats decided not to field their candidate in order to boost the chance of an alternative establishment candidate against incumbent Leung Chun-ying. Often they will choose the latter.

Pros and Cons of Democracy

Security forces killed at least 90 people as part of a crackdown against members of the Bundu dia Kongo BDK political religious sect in Kinshasa and Kongo Central province between January and March, and in August.

The police force originally refused to let the medics enter, and later permitted under the protesters pressure. Regional powers are supplying weapons and other support to both sides, with Iran notably backing the Assad regime and Gulf States providing arms to the opposition.

Online samizdat is Pro democracy still widely accessible in Vietnam, though prominent online activists often pay a heavy price for their critical blogging on Facebook. Some of the public who previously backed the sentiment of the Occupy Central protests also turned against it, because of the disruption caused by the ongoing sit-ins in Pro democracy areas and streets.

A resolution UNSC Res condemning the bombing of civilian areas and the use of barrel bombs was finally passed in Februarybut little action has been seen despite ongoing violations by the Assad regime.

In response, a number of pro- democracy organizations were formed by overseas Chinese student activistsand there was considerable sympathy for the movement among Westerners, who formed the China Support Network CSN. As a result, members of the liberal faction are generally enjoying more official tolerance than persons who identify themselves as members of the democracy movement.

Effect of increased support by Russia and Iran for the Assad regime. Activist to stand for parliament in bid to unseat Najib.

Dying for democracy: 1980 Gwangju uprising transformed South Korea

Nevertheless, the People Power managed to win three seats in the Legislative Council election and the radical democrats of the People Power and the League of Social Democrats toppedvotes, compared to the Civic Party'sand Democratic Party'srespectively.

Democracy is an effective way to ensure a smooth transition, when governments and leaders change. It could be argued that all the millions spent on political adverts might be better spent on other, more beneficial things. Reuters It does so through trolling, spreading pro-Party propaganda and flagging content for authorities to investigate.

Hong Kong's democracy debate

A fully functioning democracy relies upon an educated and informed public. Although Chinese criminal law does not contain any provisions for exiling citizens, these deportations are conducted by giving the dissident a severe jail sentence and then granting medical parole.

Key International Actors On May 29, the European Union announced targeted sanctions against eight senior Congolese government and security officials and a militia leader who had long been implicated in serious abuses in Congo. It was also the day on which Scholarism hosted the class boycott movement for secondary school students.

On June 1, the United States imposed targeted sanctions against Gen. There have been serve conflicts and distrust between the two factions and a great split after the constitutional reform voting inwhere the Democratic Party negotiated with the Beijing representatives and supported the modified reform proposal and was seen as a betrayal by the radical democrats.

Videos of security forces beating and firing at protesters—captured by witnesses on mobile phones—were circulated around the country and smuggled out to foreign media outlets. In late September they led a week of class boycotts, which later grew into full-scale city-wide protests - dubbed the Umbrella Movement - when Occupy Central decided to join in.

The Syrian regime also continues to block delivery of cross-border humanitarian aid in violation of two other Security Council resolutions.

Estimates vary widely as to the numbers of extremist elements making up the opposition, but their forces have been cited as among the most effective in combating the Assad regime, further complicating the crisis and opening worries about what a post-Assad Syria might look like.Democracy belongs to no single nation, but rather it is the birthright of every person in every nation.

That’s why the National Endowment for Democracy works in all corners of the globe, supporting democracy activists on six continents and in 90 countries.

The Damour massacre, The massacre of the Christians of Damour by Arafat's PLO, Father Mansour Labaky, the priest of Damour, describes the Palestinian massacre of Christians: "An entire family had been killed, the Can'an family, four children all.

Is Facebook helping Vietnam suppress online dissent?

May 19,  · It wasn’t the only protest. The demonstrations in Tiananmen Square, which at one point had reportedly ballooned to a million people, were not the only pro-democracy. The BBC looks at two bitterly divided camps that have for years driven sporadic protests in Thailand - the red-shirts and the yellow-shirts.

The red-shirts began as supporters of deposed former. As debate in Hong Kong mounts over democracy and electoral reform, the BBC looks at how the Chinese territory chooses its leaders and what changes are being sought. Senior security force officers in the Democratic Republic of Congo mobilized at least and likely many more former M23 rebel fighters from neighboring Uganda and Rwanda to protect President.

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