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This created a indian independence movement essay help of dissatisfaction among Indians, and two big movements for India's independence took shape.

Indian independence movement

This concept of Swaraj later became a main policy and philosophy of India's independence movement in the following decades until India became independent. Indians started to break unfair laws in a peaceful manner in protest against the British rule.

But, it failed to attract all Muslims. At the beginning the British were slow to respond. Gandhi withdrew the movement on 18 April, as his philosophy of action was based on non-violence and he wanted to be a leader of the controlled mass action.

Rebellion broke out when a soldier called Mangal Pandey attacked a British sergeant and wounded an adjutant. A new law named the Government of India Act of gave many rights to the Indians in the provincial government.

Although the British tried to replace the cartridges, the feelings against them stayed. It met annually and gave some suggestions to the rulers of the British Raj.

Indian Independence Movement Essay - Part 2

However, he and many other leaders of the Indian National Congress Party differed on many matters. The leaders adopted a policy to force the British out of India.

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The authoritative and indifferent attitude of the British towards the Indian sentiments led to the national movement gaining momentum. This most inhuman and brutal act of General Dyer stunned the entire civilized Indians and anger and resentment knew no bounds and the entire nation was overwhelmed by the total atmosphere of violence and revengeful mood.

He became successful and the government of South Africa removed most of such rules and restrictions. Later the British arrested Mangal Pandey and the other Indian soldier.

Many other political parties and revolutionaries came together to support this movement. By earlythose leaders set free all the political prisoners held in India and opened independence discussions with the Indian National Congress Party.

History of India’s Independence

Gandhi's wife, Kasturba Gandhi, died during detention, as well as his secretary Mahadev Desai. Many Muslims had become distrustful of Hindu reformers who raised their voice against matters like religious conversion and killing of cows for their meat. The final spark was provided by the rumoured use of tallow from cows and lard pig fat in the newly introduced Pattern Enfield rifle cartridges.

The British action was very quick. The national leadership was then passed to his chief lieutenant, Jawaharlal Nehru.

Many people started the movement in many places of India. They increased the number of British soldiers, and allowed only British soldiers to handle artillery.

The Muslim League's performance in the election was not good. The English tried to impose the Western standards of education and culture on Indian masses, believing in the 18th century superiority of Western culture and enlightenment.

Soldiers had to bite the cartridges with their teeth before loading them into their rifles, and the reported presence of cow and pig fat was religiously offensive to both Hindu and Muslim soldiers. The British also took many steps to employ Indian higher castes and rulers into the government.

I do not know, if it was a part of Initial plan of Mahatma Gandhi, that he might have planned that night when thrown out of the train, but the chain of event that started after that, did lead finally to complete demolition of the British Empire, that was the biggest ever empire in History, and over which sun was never supposed to set.

For the Muslims they do not eat pork. They decided to observe 26th January as the complete Independence Day. The British killed both by hanging them. But, in India, people consider him a patriotic hero of the Indian independence movement.

Under the leadership of Gandhi, Indians began to use a different method to get freedom over the next few years. Inhe went to South Africa. They also redirected many regiments that were going to China from India. The British forces reached Delhi, and they surrounded the city from 1st July until 31st August The people became very angry at that partition divisionand created the phrase "divide and rule" for the policy followed by the British Empire.

Bythe Indian National Congress had become a national party, but did not represent all groups of Indian society, particularly the Muslims. The decline of the Mughal Empire in the first half of the eighteenth century provided the British with the opportunity to establish a firm foothold in Indian politics.Essay on The Indian Independence Movement Of India - In the 17th century, the expanding British arrived in India and, after taking a small portion of land; they formed the East India Company.

Essay on India's Struggle For Independence - History Discussion India's struggle for independence was actively shaped, influenced and and finally, his slogan 'Do or Die' inspired the Quit India movement.

and ignorant masses about the need of self-help and self-reliance by precept and practice. On March 12,Indian independence leader Mohandas Gandhi begins a defiant march to the sea in protest of the British monopoly on salt, his boldest act of civil disobedience yet against.

The Indian Independence Movement began inand lasted until Before the beginning of the movement, India had never known political freedom. Indian Independence Movement and Gandhi Essay  Gandhi was an influential figure in our socie He taught many people about equal rights, honouring thy neighbour, and peace and tranquillity.

The Indian independence movement was a movement from until 15 Augustwhen India got independence from the British movement spanned a total of 90 years (–).

Indian independence movement essay help
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