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He was right in saying that now that corruption is already being fought, there is no reason not to pay Comments about the sona of president right taxes anymore.

They are problems or concerns that with strong political will on the part of the government are not difficult to solve or provide under existing laws and human and financial resources; or if the necessary laws and resources are lacking, these can be provided. I appeal to all host governments to help us, as true and dependable partners, in this endeavor.

Read my lips, I understand that this does not satisfy all sectors.

A Reaction Paper to President Rodrigo Duterte’s SONA

This strategy is a good way of addressing job mismatch, and the issue of underemployment. And that is why I appeal to you to help me in my cause so that our friendship will endure.

And I hereby direct all local government units — makinig sana kayo — and government agencies to faithfully implement this law and simply simplify the process.

And this is exactly what each of us should do. You have made funds available to build better roads and bridges, and improve health and education, and strengthen our safety and security.

Aquino and President Ramos spiced their addresses with little Pilipino or Tagalog in conversational tone.

SONA 2017: President Rodrigo Duterte’s Report Of Changes

They are more focused on their personal benefits rather than the common good. Did you find apk for android? Another accomplishment is the planning of the new powerplant in the luzon grid, expected to materialize by There may not be a war, yes, but there may be a huge change business imperialism-wise hint: The only condition is that the chosen entity must provide the best possible services at reasonably accessible prices.

We shall, therefore, lower interconnection rates between all industry players.

15 SONA reaction tweets that’s better than any commentary you’ll see

Good to the ears and conveys a certain feeling. Because of this fact, it is a better strategy to match the demand of jobs to the direction of education.

He even cited the story about Filipinos ingenuity about using painted coconuts against canon balls, giving credit to the capability of the Filipinos in fighting. I will not allow it to happen. I ask businesses to cooperate with us in charging a fair price. I hope the Senate will follow suit, maybe tomorrow, sir.

He said that he is just unfortunate that the headlines are all about the car napping incidents and not the statistics on how much it has declined compared with the past year.

However, he was severely criticized for the violation of human rights in his war against drug menace. That is not to mention yet, the annual mass demonstrations of anti-government organization bent on shouting their mantras and showing off their artistic skills as they brandish their effigies reflecting the different issues affecting the Philippines.

He is brave and direct in addressing corruption. I have made a pledge that ISIS terrorists or groups or its allies will never gain foothold in our country. You have also contributed greatly to the national economy, even as you help in small and big ways to the economies of our international partners.

And when that day comes, it will be the public who will have its retribution.

FULL TRANSCRIPT: President Duterte’s SONA 2018

Also, he mentioned about the 1. I could not allow this decay to continue; decisive action has long been overdue. I agree with Mr. One day, justice will catch up with those who steal government funds.

When I decided to establish Malasakit Centers in Cebu, Tacloban and Iloilo, my long-time aide, Bong Go and his team became instrumental in arriving at the right decision through proper consultations. If not stopped, crimes can make human cesspools of succeeding generations.

As a worker of government, I promised to do whatever it would take to give all Filipinos a comfortable life, fighting powerful interests and making sacrifices. If not stopped, crimes can make human cesspools of succeeding generations.

'He followed the script!': #SONA2018 reactions, hugot, and memes

We should not just pull each other down, but rather help each other for the good of our country as a whole. The address was most innovative. I therefore consider it a distinct honor and privilege to have received earlier from the Consultative Committee that I created, the draft Federal Constitution that will truly embody the ideals and aspirations of all the Filipino people.Looking at the SONA through its different audiences Posted by The Society of Honor on July 25, · 73 Comments President Duterte delivers his SONA, to the appreciation of the President of the Senate (Pimentel) and Speaker of the House (Alvarez).

In front of more than 3, guests at the Plenary Hall of the Batasang Pambansa Complex in Quezon City, President Rodrigo Duterte, delivered his third State of the Nation Address (SONA), Monday, July President Rodrigo Duterte once again delivered his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, July 23, and as always, the Twitterverse was abuzz with reactions and memes.

The main problem in this country is not the resources, nor the skills of the people, but that of corruption. And the president was right in addressing this issue and attacking all the problems right through the roots.

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Throughout his SONA, he constantly uses ‘wang-wang’ and stresses his struggles to fight against it. Aug 02,  · Kris Aquino explains why PNoy, sisters were emotional Television personality Kris Aquino had a simple explanation why she cried during the President Benigno Aquino III's fifth State of.

> Comments About the Sona of President Aquino Comments About the Sona of President Aquino Crab Leader In the State of the Nation Address of President Noynoy Aquino last week what i liked most about his speech is the way he addressed the Filipino people.

Comments about the sona of president
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